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How to beat the cost of Inventing

Betina Andersen

Learn how to develop your product on a budget, and receive a membership to the online inventor's database. 

The Comprehensive Crowdfunding Guide

Lance McNeill

Through a series of easy to follow steps, McNeill teaches us how to launch and accomplish a successful crowdfunding campaign.


James Maberly

Why do we follow rules and organised systems so blindly and so willingly? Question your beliefs with James Maberly.




Latest Tools for Inventors


Protect your invention without a NDA

Creative Barcode is a new way of protecting your product idea in the initial stages before patent and design registration. Creative Barcode is endorsed and supported by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

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Global Marketplace for Sale of Inventions is an online marketplace where inventors can sell and market their inventions or patents. To list  your invention for sale on your invention must already be protected and ready to license.

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Latest Tools for Entrepreneurs


Free App Creation

Create a free app for your business with no coding skills required and publish on App stores, iTunes and Google play with

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Latest Tools For Travellers


Car Sharing Across Borders

Find people who what to share a journey with you on Compartir, from all over the continent within countries and across borders.

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Why Follow Rules? Trust Your Intuition

Why Follow Rules?: Trust Your Intuition by James Maberly. A book which will make you look beyond rules and organised systems. 

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The Comprehensive Crowdfunding Guide

The Comprehensive Crowdfunding Guide® by Lance McNeill, MBA, the definitive guide to funding your business enterprise through crowdfunding.  

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