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How To Beat The Cost Of Inventing + Free Gifts And Membership
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The Ultimate Inventor's Handbook. Get it for free for a limited time with free access to the online database.

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Do you have an innovative idea in mind?

Are you convinced you can create an incredibly popular life-changing product, but not sure how?

A few years ago I would have answered yes to both.

After reading as much as I could find on product development and inventing, I went out and found the tools and individuals I needed to bring my idea to fruition. I finally sold my patent a couple of years later. In the process, I settled for patent attorneys who charged premium fees, costly logo designers and pricey CAD developers.

Since then the world has changed. We now have easy access to freelancers from around the world. You can have a logo custom made for just $5. Free online tools are now widespread and getting better by the day. The Internet has opened up an ocean of possibilities. In this book I will tell you exactly how to make use of them by directing you to the best resources at every step of the way.

Inside this book you will find:

  • Product EvaluationAvoid falling into the trap of invention promotion companies. Master product evaluation yourself or learn where to find reputable product evaluation companies.
  • Patent search: Learn how to carry out a patent search at no cost.
  • Drafting a PatentKnow where to find an affordable patent attorney.
  • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)Find free NDA templates for the inventor or download yours for free at the top of this page.
  • CopyrightLearn the facts about copyright and the steps to take to protect your material.
  • Full Product Development Services: Find a list of companies and services which will support you throughout the development process.
  • CAD (Computer aided design): Find free CAD programmes or learn where to find an affordable designer
  • Prototyping: Get tips and tricks for reducing the cost of prototyping and learn the ways in which you can find individuals and freelancers to complete the job for you.
  • Marketing - Trademark Creation: Know how to get your trademark created for less than $10
  • Trademark Registration: Get insight into how to register a trademark and master the process yourself.
  • Marketing - Creating Still Promotional Material: Find free tools for creating your own marketing material or learn how to find affordable freelancers.
  • Marketing - Website creation: Find a list of places where you can build a website for free or at low cost. 
  • Business Address: Learn how to have a prestigious business address without the added cost.
  • Investment and Networking: Find an extensive list of investment opportunities and organisations set up especially to support and help inventors, product developers and entrepreneurs, and find places to sell your idea.
  • Inventors' Societies: Find a long list of Inventor's Societies and clubs from around the world.
  • Competitions: Discover our expansive list of competitions from around the world for inventors and entrepreneurs.

I have personally looked at every product and tool listed in this guide and used several myself. Once you start using them yourself, it will quite literally liberate you. The first time you get a job done for $10 instead of $100 or for $100 instead of $1000, you too will realize that you really can afford to turn your idea into a reality. Money is no longer an obstacle for the inventor. It is now time for you to finally unleash your creative powers. 

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How To Beat The Cost Of Inventing + Free Gifts And Membership
0.00 39.99

The Ultimate Inventor's Handbook. Get it for free for a limited time with free access to the online database.

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