Cancellations and returns

All eBooks purchased directly from this site are non-returnable. For returns of e-books purchased form Amazon which were referred from this site please refer to the Amazon kindle e-book returns policy. For more information please read our Terms & Conditions. Therefore please ensure that you have a compatible reading device before you make your purchase.

Customers buying "How to Beat the Cost of Inventing"  have the right to cancel the order with us  within the first 30 days of purchase. A full refund will be given in this case, and access to the comprehensive database for inventors will be cancelled. No refund will be given after the initial 30 day period.

To receive a refund within the specified time period for "How to Beat the Cost of Inventing"  only, e-mail customer support by using the contact form or with the details of your order including your name and the e-mail address you used to place your order. We will respond to your e-mail within 5 working days. Please leave up to 10 working days from the date of your initial request, for us to complete the refund transfer into your account.